Bison Jerky 3.5 oz

Bison Jerky 3.5 oz

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Jerky seems to be a familiar treat for most pet parents. They can rip it into smaller pieces and let's face it, we like Jerky too. Give your pet a healthy jerky. Bison is a leaner meat and that translates to the heart where this comes from. Organ meats contain different vitamins and minerals than other muscle meats, making them very valuable to animals in the wild. We use whole-meat heart meaning it is sliced, not ground up with other ingredients. We place the slices gently in our dehydrators and let them cook. The great thing about dehydrating is it will retain nutrition and still kill bacteria.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein Min: 65%

Crude Fat Min: 8%

Crude Fiber Max 2%

Moisture Max: 9%